What is a Push Notification? (Agency Website Tool)

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A type of technology that business owners in the drop servicing space are using to their advantage is a push notification. Digital business owners are certainly seeing a huge advantage in using this technology to their advantage and seeing a return on investment.

This article will make it clear what push notifications are, how they can help, and give you some ideas on how to maximize revenue and improve your brand as a digital service-based business.

What is a Push Notification?

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile or desktop device that alerts a visitor about something.

They could be just a message to improve someone’s day or have an offer to give them. Usually, a push notification is something that conveys a message to a visitor that creates urgency and scarcity of an offer or current circumstance.

Push notifications are used heavily by businesses that want an increase in their revenue and how much they can make on average from a visitor to their website or user of their service. They are becoming more and more popular because of how effective they can be.

This post will at least give you a better idea of what is going on, or for more technical information you could check out this post if you are more curious after reading this post.

How Can Push Notifications Help a Drop Servicing Business?

As I said above, a push notification can really improve the return on investment that some business owners see with their marketing efforts.

A simple, yet effective reminder of a deal or introduction of a deal could be the difference between them making a sale or logging off of your website forever. The sale is always in the follow-up, and a push notification is like a follow-up that is on steroids.

If a business has not tried out several or at least one of the push notification software’s out there, then they are most likely missing out on a lot of potential in their business. You might be thinking that a generic push notification is not going to do much for your bottom line.

You could be right if you get a generic one and do not put it to good use, but the software and platforms out there are much more than that. Some of them are so complex that you would be shocked by the power and capabilities that they have.

For instance, using data and information to make a personalized push notification to a customer is much more than you were expecting compared to a generic piece of news that most push notifications are.

Using the information and data could lead to that customer using your product or service, or it could lead to them talking to their friends and increasing your brand awareness. All of these examples are what can happen from investing in the new craze of push notifications.


What Makes a Good Push Notification System?

In no particular order, here are several different aspects of what makes a good push notification for a dropservicing business. There are way more aspects, but these are the main ones that are worth pointing out.


People react and usually buy something when they are pushed to a breaking point and whether they really want it or not. By adding a sense of scarcity to an offer, you are more likely to get the desired reaction.

Scarcity can come in many ways to sell your services, but if it is positioned correctly it can be huge for your service-based business and how well you do. Scarcity is a major selling point, and if your notification can create scarcity and urgency for your service, then you are really going to be winning.

Urgency sells when it comes to anything in the service niche and how you market your offers also!

Visually Appealing

As online customers, all of us have probably seen a terrible advertisement or push notification once or twice in our lifetimes. Even if we could not put our finger on it, it really is easy to click off of a notification that does not appeal to us.

You have to make sure that a push notification is appealing and will invite the reader in instead of turning them away before you can increase your brand and revenue! Most of us look at the visual aesthetic of the ad before even deciding to read it.

If it is bland and not worth our time, then we will not even bother to read the words in the advertisement or notification. When shopping around for a platform, be sure that you can customize how the notification looks or that they have great designs.


There are some high-quality push notification systems out there that are very good at using the information to send a push notification that directly applies to a person. The more personalized the message is, the more effective it could be.

Also, an ineffective ad that is too general is not going to be an effective push notification. Getting personal to someone’s needs and wants is going to be successful in a potential customer taking the action that you want them to.

It really is sales 101 to tap into someone’s actual needs and then sell to them, and that is what a push notification does for your business and bottom line if they are used effectively.

How Much Does a Push Notification System Cost?

A general question like how much a push notification system is going to cost is really going to vary depending on what you are getting. A super-advanced and top of the line one is obviously going to cost much more than your cheap and free one.

Features that are going to end up costing you are features such as personalization, the capacity of the number of users, and some of the unique capabilities that certain push notification systems have. There are almost too many to list!

For the most basic push notification software and systems, you could certainly get them for free. But, for the best ones that are common, you could pay over $100 a month to tap into the system and expand your business and brand.

What Are Some of the Best Push Notification Systems to Work with a Digital Service-Based Business?

One of the first push notification systems that come to mind for me is Subscribers. For both mobile and desktop, you can reach people in a scheduled and adaptive way that is just much better than reaching them via email.

Email lists were the old way that people could explode their businesses with offers and brand recognition but now push notifications are the new craze for a lot of online service and product businesses.

Subscribers are a sight to be seen in action, and on their website, you will find testimonials from some of the top dogs in the industry like Neil Patel. They are really killing it with their products over at Subscribers. To appeal to many different businesses, they also have free plans and also paid plans.

Another push notification worth pointing out is Clever Tap. Their software is at the next level with personalization and dynamic notifications that convert easily. For social proof, they even have a list of brands that use their platform, and the names and amount of them are pretty impressive to see.

If you are on the hunt for something to try out, they even have a free demo that would be very smart to take advantage of.

I could sit here and list of twenty more push notification systems that could expand your business, but we could be here all day, to say the least. There are a ton of options to choose from, but you could check out even more than the two that I mentioned at this link.

Maybe you will find something that sticks out to you and then you will be dead set on trying it out. At the end of the day, any digital-based service business should be looking for an advantage at any turn, and that is why you need to look into things like this.

A push notification system could be exactly what you need to expand your business and get right to the point where you need to be with your business and the expectations of revenue that you have.

Hopefully, this post was able to point out how important this technology is and how much it could help you in the future. Remember that any advantage that you can get digitally is going to set you apart from all of your competitors, and things like push notifications are a huge advantage.

I personally use push notifications to let my audience know of new blog content and new updates that will provide value to their business. I send out push notifications once a week using the Subscribers platform. There are other great SAAS tools you can discover at SAASHunters.

Try it out today then watch how much extra traffic and sales you will get for your drop servicing business because of push notification technology!

Learn about more tools to use. Click HERE


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