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Do you want to have a team do most of the tasks for you?

Of course you do! So you can generate extra monthly income or replace your job. Use my team and I to automate the marketing and sales for you.

The real question is – what direction would you like to take? There are many different ways to make money online but drop servicing is my favorite method

I have been making money online before Shopify was popular.

This automation program allows you to own a successful online business on autopilot and extra revenue for your portfolio. You will have access to a remote team that handles all the marketing, sales, customer service, and other tasks for you.

How does this automation program work?

This opportunity is like having a business partner without the hassles. You just pay us for the setup fee and pay us a percentage of the monthly net profit. Also, we recommend that 10% of the sales will be re-invested into your ad campaigns so you can make more sales. 

Remember that selling digital services, comes with higher profit margins!

You also have the option to takeover the business after 3 months. We will teach you everything you need to know to run the business. 

Most businesses fail due to a lack of marketing, sales, and funding. We handle everything you need to grow a branded drop servicing business and start making money online. You will not be doing it alone and you will not have to deal with all the mistakes of doing it yourself. 

This opportunity is for people who have more money and less time. You may not be good with computers, digital marketing, sales, websites, and any other online tasks.

My remote team and I will create a high converting drop servicing business for you. You will get monthly reports of the traffic and sales. 

I will give you a list of niches and services to choose from. I will give you a list of branded domain name ideas. You get to chose the web design that we will customize for your drop service website. 

You will be able to reach me anytime for updates. Not only will you be investing in an automated business, but you will also get the best customer service. 

Our team will only focus on up to 5 new drop servicing businesses a month to make them successful. Everyone else will be put on a waiting list. Only when you are successful then we are successful. We want long-term partnerships.


Are you feeling like this?

Would like help to overcome your fears of starting and failing

Feel overwhelmed with all the business tasks you need to do

Started a digital business in the past, but it did not work out

Just want to pay a team to do all the tasks for your new business

Want experts who have experience with growing digital businesses

Would like someone to run a business for you and you just get paid

Do not want to do marketing and sales, but want to own a business

Want to try dropservicing because your dropshipping experience sucked

Have more money than time and want an extra income from an investment

If you said yes to most of these then you should get started today!

More Information

Money-back is guaranteed if you cancel within 3 days after starting. If you don’t get any sales after promotion, we will give you your investment back.

This is how confident we are in our automation program!

The percentage of the monthly net profit makes our team work hard on getting as many sales as possible.

For example, Our goal is to consistently achieve a minimum of $5,000-10,000+ a month net profit for your business within 90 days. 

Not easy, but a very simple process! The drop services will be sold for between $100-$2000.