My Story

Hey! My name is Darius. I have been making money online for over 10 years now using the drop servicing business model. I am a former marketing analyst for a casino resort. I got tired of doing the same tasks and working in a cubicle. 

I wanted the freedom to work from my home office or from anywhere. I started researching about ways to make money online. I came across the idea of reselling digital services.

I bought my first drop servicing website from for less than $100. It was called “”. The website resold social media followers and likes. I was making only about $500 a month. Eventually, I sold the website back on Flippa and then started “”. 

The drop servicing business sold crowdfunding marketing and PR services to Kickstarter campaign owners. It became my first time making over $10,000 a month net profit.

At 25 years old I quit my job because I was making more money online than what my job was paying me. I also paid off over $50,000 in student loans before I was 30 years old. 

I sold KickRank for my first big exit (SIX FIGURES). Since then I have been helping Real Estate, Agencies, SAAS, and Consultants with growth marketing and automation.

You can read more about me in the Financial TimesOrlando Voyager, CanvasRebel, SubKit, and StarterStory too. 

I have experience and success with growing digital agencies. I love the drop servicing method because all you have to do is focus on marketing and sales. Freelancers or other agencies do the fulfillment and hard work for you. 

My mission is to help over 1000 entrepreneurs make over 6 or 7 figures using my system and what I call the Passion Connect Method. You can check out my latest SAAS agency called SumoGrowth.

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